Our Services

We strive to design buildings that enrich the lives of the people who use them – buildings that gracefully fulfill function and technical expectations, yet appeals fully to the senses as to the intellect. We provide comprehensive services for all project phases from client relations to conceptual design, construction documents through construction administration and site supervision. We are a team of professionals with a substantial amount of experience in all phases of design and project management.


Our architectural expression embodies innovation, creativity and vision. We provide comprehensive architectural services, which include conceptual and schematic design, design development and construction documentation, contractor bidding, negotiating and contract administration.


Our structural team provides comprehensive services. Our team communicates with the architectural team to ensure structural considerations are incorporated into design from day one. This cooperation translates into buildings that are efficient, effectively coordinated and cost effective.


Our approach to surveying helps gather survey data about the natural and man-made features of the land, as well as its elevations. From this information a three-dimensional map will be prepared of the area’s topography in order to execute holistic architectural plans with utmost precision.

Construction Supervision (CS)

we have a team of veteran construction supervisors that use global best practices and established procedures to provide effective construction supervision. We consider this a critical service, as it is through close and concerted supervision that we can ensure what has been designed on paper is properly implemented on site.

Structural Engineering

Given our focus on the structural design of buildings, we have successfully completed designs for high-rise buildings, complicated low-rise structures and large span roof systems in concrete, steel and composites. Our structural engineering department is staffed with professionals licensed to work in various states in the USA as well as in Ethiopia.

Quantity Surveying (QS)

QS is an important discipline and its deliverables include the preparation of construction documents needed for a given project. It plays a vital role in the administration of construction contracts. With our in-house expertise for the preparation of QS deliverables such as technical specifications, bill of quantities and cost estimates, Our department has successfully served the US and African markets alike.


Think Different

Revolutionize structures with innovative designs. Embrace creativity, challenge norms, engineer the extraordinary. Think Different: Crafting tomorrow’s landmarks, today.

Unique Design

Elevate spaces with bespoke solutions. Merge functionality and aesthetics seamlessly. Unique Design: Redefining architecture, shaping environments with distinctive flair.

Pixel Perfect

Precision meets creativity in every detail. Pixel Perfect: Crafting architectural marvels with exacting standards, ensuring flawless execution and breathtaking results.